The Believer, an eight-time National Magazine Award finalist, is a bimonthly literature, arts, and culture magazine based at the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute, a department of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In each issue, readers will find journalism, essays, intimate interviews, an expansive comics section, poetry, and on occasion, delightful and unexpected bonus items. Our poetry section is curated by Jericho Brown, Kristen Radtke selects our comics, Daniel Gumbiner is our managing editor, and Joshua Wolf Shenk is our editor-in-chief. All issues feature a column by Nick Hornby, in which he discusses the things he’s been reading, as well as a comedy advice column.

The Believer magazine welcomes applications for a part-time editor to oversee criticism and cultural coverage in the print magazine, and to make editorial contributions, as well, to The Believer Logger. Reviews in the magazine are currently published in our front of the book section, "The Field." The new editor will be asked to conceive and execute a vision for how "The Field" can continue to cover literary, art, pop, and intellectual culture magazine in print and online, with attention to diversity of both content and writers.

Applications should include a concise statement of how, in your vision, and working with a meaningful but limited editorial budget, The Believer should review, cheer for, spot trends in, say profound things about, and generally have fun with texts in literature, news, film, TV, art, music, video games, etc. Just as importantly, we want a vision for how The Believer can make "The Field" a space for a diverse array of perspectives, identities, politics, styles, and ideas.

In other words, we don’t hold the traditional conception of reviews sacrosanct, so you can think big. Keep in mind The Believer’s values to be omnivorous, unpretentious, and to represent both new and established voices.

Please keep your initial applications brief—no more than 4-6 paragraphs. We’ll request more material from some candidates after an initial review.

We look forward to reading your applications and thanks for your interest.

The Believer